Fishing Clothing and Outdoor Gear – Boca Grande #FishSWFL

boat shoes - fishing clothing

Do you have the right fishing clothes and outdoor gear for Boca Grande, Florida? Having the right gear can make all the difference for your outdoor adventure. Fishing Southwest FL means you’ll want lightweight layers of quick-dry clothing so you can focus on tarpon, redfish, and snook!

Fishing clothing with built-in SPF is a great addition to your outdoor gear. Another important tool is a sturdy pair of polarized glasses, and shoes that won’t scuff up the boat deck will win you extra points with your captain. A hat with a wide brim that is easily secure (like with a strap) so it won’t blow off when you get up and go (on to the next fishing hole) is also helpful. 

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Fishing Clothing and Gear for Your Charter 

The State of Florida, otherwise known as The Sunshine State, does a great job of living up to its name! Don’t get caught without your sunscreen! Sunscreen sticks are extremely convenient to carry, as well as easy to reapply. Polarized glasses do double duty to protect your eyes, and allow you to see the fish down in the water. See a big list of suggested items for your trip here.